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This innovative pension+ investment option aims to deliver a predetermined return above inflation, regardless of the performance of its underlying investment assets. This is designed to help your retirement savings keep pace with the rising costs of living, even in times of uncertainty. Invest as much or as little as you like, and withdraw funds when you need to with CPIplus. 

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At a glance

Investment timeframe
2 years +
Risk level
Very low
Asset mix
76% growth / 24% defensive**
Total investment fees and costs*
Return target
CPI + 2% p.a.
Net return^

Chant West Best Fund for Innovation 2022. #See below for award ratings and disclaimer.

+ Not available for Transition to Retirement Pensions.

** The assets of the CPIplus option are invested in the same pool and alongside the Balanced Option in the pension phase. However, the return for the CPIplus option is set at a predetermined rate above CPI for specified Return Periods, based on a predetermined return formula. This means that its return for any Return Period is unaffected by the returns on the underlying investments of the option. 

* The investment fees reflect the costs incurred by the Balanced investment option (which is where CPIplus assets are invested) and are not deducted from your CPIplus returns.

^ The CPIplus investment option was introduced to members on 1 July 2021, therefore no 10-year performance information is available. Administration and other costs apply. Returns won’t display for options younger than 10 years. See investment returns page for returns over all available periods.

# Zenith CW Pty Ltd ABN 20 639 121 403 AFSL 226872/AFS Rep No. 1280401 Chant West Awards issued 14 August 2023 are solely statements of opinion and not a recommendation in relation to making any investment decisions. Awards are current for 12 months and subject to change at any time. Awards for previous years are for historical purposes only. Full details on Chant West Awards at

Who is CPIplus suitable for?

CPIplus is designed for members with short-term investment horizon in pursuit of a low-risk option targeting a consistent and competitive pre-determined return above inflation over time.

What is its investment style?

CPIplus offers returns that are more certain and less volatile than those typically available by investing in growth assets such as shares, but generally higher than those available by investing in conservative assets such as cash. 

About CPIplus

CPIplus is an innovative pension investment option that’s designed to give you peace of mind.   

It seeks to provide you with a consistent income from your investment, offering long-term returns that are typically lower risk and less volatile than those from growth assets such as shares. At the same time, CPIplus provides generally higher returns than defensive assets such as cash or fixed interest.  

Returns from CPIplus are predetermined and are set as a certain percentage above the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Your returns are not affected by the performance of the underlying investments, and you will not receive a negative return.  

In addition to offering competitive, stable returns, CPIplus is designed to provide you with flexibility and liquidity. It’s simple to access your funds, and you can easily switch investment options as your needs change.  

Your CPIplus returns

CPIplus returns are set for a specific return period, based on a predetermined formula of CPI + ‘n’. For the current return period (1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023), returns are: CPI + 2.0%.  

Hostplus has determined the Return Period and the predetermined rate above CPI for the CPIplus option for the financial year commencing 1 July 2023.

For the Return Period of 12 months from 1 July 2023, CPIplus will have a predetermined rate above CPI of 2%.

Current CPI rates, the value of ‘n’ and the current return period can be found in the CPI Rates document.


Projected outcomes

The following graph illustrates the likely long-term investment return outcomes a $10,000 investment in the selected Hostplus account-based pension options would have produced.

Projected outcomes of investing $10,000 in CPIplus (based on hypothetical return) vs. Balanced and Cash options in the pension phase (based on actual returns)

The chart is current as at 1 July 2023 and illustrates the likely long-term returns a $10,000 investment in the selected Hostplus Pension options would have produced. The projected growth in investments is based on actual returns of the Balanced Option and the Cash Option compared against a hypothetical rate of return for the CPIplus option if it had been offered in the past with a predetermined return of CPI + 2%. The projected growth is net of investment fees however does not take into account administration fees. This example assumes that the value of ‘n’ has remained the same ('n' = 2%) over the projected period and no withdrawals have been made. In considering this example, it is important to note that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance, and that the comparative performance shown above may not necessarily be repeated.  

Fees and charges

The following fees and charges are based on a balance of $50,000. These costs are indicative only and are estimated based on information from the previous financial year. The costs payable in respect of each future year may be higher or lower. Please read the Product Disclosure Statement for more information.  

Example – Hostplus CPIplus option Balance of $50,000 
Administration fees and costs $234.00 p.a.1 (deducted from your Hostplus account) plus $54.78p.a. (deducted from the Fund’s Administration Reserve) plus $0.0165% trustee fee p.a. on your account balance. For every $50,000 you have in the superannuation product, you will be charged or have deducted from your investment $8.25 in administration fees and costs, plus $288.78 regardless of your balance2
PLUS Investment fees and costs  0.89%And, you will be charged or have deducted from your investment $445 in investment fees and costs. 
PLUS Transaction costs 0.10% And, you will be charged or have deducted from your investment $50 in transaction costs. 
EQUALS Cost of product  If your balance was $50,000 at the beginning of the year, then for that year you will be charged fees and costs of $792.03 for the superannuation product.3 

Note: Additional fees may apply. Fees will vary from option to option.
1. The administration fee of $4.50 per week ($234.00 p.a) is deducted from your account monthly, on the last Friday of the month. The amount charged per annum depends on the number of Fridays in a year.
2. Please note that the flat fee of $288.78 is payable regardless of your account balance. 
3. The total investment fees and costs listed against the CPIplus option does not impact (diminish) the net value of return of CPIplus. These costs represent the cost incurred by the Balanced investment option, which is where CPIplus assets are invested. CPIplus returns are based on a predetermined rate based on CPI + 'n'. No further investment fees and costs are deducted from that return

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Your retirement goals are our goals

There are a lot of retirement options out there. Here’s why Hostplus Pension could be right for you. 

Want to learn 

more about CPIplus?

Here is some additional information about the CPIplus investment option to help you make an informed decision about whether it’s right for you.   

Hostplus Pension members can invest in CPIplus. It is not available to members with Hostplus Transition to Retirement (TTR) accounts, investors in Hostplus Self-Managed Invest (SMI), or Hostplus Super members. 

CPIplus’ return objective is set in advance for each return period (currently 12 months from 1 July). It is calculated using the following formula: CPI + n.

CPI is based on the average Consumer Price Index rate for the last two quarters and is updated each quarter. ‘n’ is a predetermined rate of return that is compounded daily over the return period. We determine the rate of return each year as part of our annual investment strategy review. You can find the value of ‘n’, the CPI rate and the current return period in our CPI Rates document.

By setting a return above CPI, we ensure that returns are above the level of inflation. This minimises the impact of inflation on the real value of your investment returns.  

Returns are credited each day. There is a minimum daily return floor of zero, which means that the CPIplus daily return will not be negative – even if the CPI rate for that period was negative or the underlying investments performed below expectations. 

CPIplus’ assets are invested in the same pool as our Balanced (Pension phase) option. The assets of the Balanced option in the accumulation and TTR phases are also invested in the same pool.  

As CPIplus’ return is set in advance, its returns are not affected by the returns on the underlying investments. Instead, the Balanced option in the accumulation phase receives any excess market returns generated by CPIplus assets. The Balanced option in the accumulation phase will also make up any shortfall if the CPIplus investment returns do not reach the predetermined return.  

CPIplus returns are not guaranteed.  

However, this investment option is low risk and has an investment return ‘floor’, which means that members will not receive a negative return, regardless of the performance of the underlying investments. 

As with all investments, there are risks that you should consider before you decide to invest. As outlined in the Pension Guide (Product Disclosure Statement), these are:

  • As the predetermined return formula (including ‘n’) is only set for the defined Return Period (usually 12 months from 1 July), the predetermined rate ‘n’, other aspects of the predetermined return formula, or terms of operation of CPIplus such as formula methodology, product rules, etc. may change in future Return Periods. Although Hostplus does not expect any significant variation in the value of 'n' in the long term, Hostplus has a discretion to set the value of 'n' to be higher, lower or negative for future return periods.
  • Similar to other Hostplus pension investment options and while Hostplus expects to offer CPIplus to its pension members on an ongoing basis over the long term, Hostplus reserves the right and could determine to not offer CPIplus in the future.  
  • Although the Investment strategy reviews and determination of ‘n’ are scheduled to occur annually, Hostplus reserves the right to shorten the Return Period or discontinue offering the predetermined rate. Hostplus may conduct an interim investment strategy review if a ‘risk trigger event’ occurs.  

A risk trigger event is defined as a severe event that results in a significant risk to the implementation of the investment strategy for the CPIplus option or the Balanced option. As an example, Hostplus conducted an interim investment strategy review in 2020 because it considered the sudden and significant changes in external environment due to the onset and impact of COVID-19 and government policy settings to qualify as a risk trigger event. Hostplus reserves the right to bring forward the end of a Return Period or terminate the CPIplus option by providing members in CPIplus 30 days’ notice in the case of changes resulting from a risk trigger event or 90 days’ notice in all other cases. 

There are no additional fees to invest in CPIplus.  

The investment costs for CPIplus are outlined under Fees and Charges. All investment returns are declared net of investment fees and costs. 

If you’re an existing Hostplus Pension member, simply login to Pension Online to invest in CPIplus. 

If you’re not a Hostplus Pension member, you will first need to open a pension account.  

Get ready for a positive future with a Hostplus Pension account 

It takes about 20 minutes to apply for a Hostplus Pension account online, or you can call us on 1300 348 546 to discuss your options. 

Get the right advice

If you’re not sure whether CPIplus is right for you, or you’re trying to work out how much of your savings to invest, it might be time to speak to an expert. Hostplus members can speak to qualified financial planners to receive tailored advice about the right approach for their situation.