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Take your super to the max.

Think it’s tough to grow your super? It isn’t. In fact you’d be surprised how quick and easy it can be to grow your super savings from a small seed into a mighty harvest. Best of all you don’t need to be a genius to do it.

Taking control of your super and your financial security has never been easier. As a Hostplus member you have access to some industry leading tools to help you manage your money online.

Hostplus gives you a choice from a wide range of investment options, offering a variety of  strategies to suit your investment time frame, long-term goals and risk profile. 

Realise the life you want to live

Imagine a dignified and comfortable retirement. You deserve to enjoy life on your terms. And you can. 

Find your lost super

You would be surprised by how many people have unclaimed super. To find out if you have any super that’s been lost over time there are some simple tools to help.

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Merge your super funds and save money

A lot of people have more than one super fund. That means multiple administration fees on these accounts. Discover smart super solutions for consolidating your accounts to boost your investment returns.

Having all your super in one fund can help it grow faster and saves you multiple administration fees. However, you should consider your insurance arrangements before consolidating your super accounts.

Take your super to your new job

If you leave the industry or change your job there’s no need to change your super. Take Hosptlus with you and save time and adminstration fees while continuing to enjoy the benefits of Hostplus. It's easy with the Hostplus App.

Boost your super

Generally, your employer has to pay an extra 10%1 on top of your salary into your super fund. But did you know that by making extra contributions yourself, you can boost your super growth and you may be able to save money by lowering your taxable income?

Voluntary contributions with BPAY

Each Hostplus account has a unique BPAY reference number so you can make voluntary, after-tax contributions to your super. Check the Hostplus App, your Member Online Account or your Hostplus statement to find your BPAY details today.

Salary sacrifice

Salary sacrifice is a simple way to make ongoing contributions to your super from your pre-tax salary.

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Government co-contributions

If you are a low to middle income earner the government makes it easier for you to save for your retirement. Learn more about government co-contributions and check if you're eligible today.

Invest in your spouse's super

If your spouse isn't paying into their super, or is working in a low-income job, you can make spouse contributions to continue to build their retirement funds. You may also be eligible for  a tax break.

Read more about spouse contributions here

Super education

Get more out of your super with this handy library of short, simple tutorials.

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1   Superannuation Guarantee contribution percentage rates are scheduled to gradually increase to 12% from 1 July 2025. 

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