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How much will you need?

Retiring takes money. Money you’ve hopefully saved over your working life. Exactly how much you need depends on the retirement lifestyle you want. So, what sort of retirement do you envision?

Reaching your retirement goals

Most of us dream of comfortable easy days after decades of work. But if your finances aren't in good shape, then you may find yourself dependent on the government pension. And that leaves little room for life’s luxuries.

A rewarding retirement

At Hostplus, we believe people who have worked hard and done their best deserve an enjoyable retirement. But what does that take in financial terms? 

Our online Super Adviser tool can provide you with limited financial advice at no additional cost to you, to help you find out.

It may seem like a lot but don’t worry. We’re here to help guide you on your way to achieving your desired lifestyle and maintaining it through retirement.

Getting started 

When you’re ready to call it a day at work, you want to ensure you have enough funds to fulfill your retirement goals. After all, you’ve been imagining them for years. You owe it to yourself to go after them and that’s where Hostplus can help.

Plan your goals: big or small

If you’re just starting on your super journey the first thing we recommend is to set yourself some goals. Whether you’re dreaming big or happy with something in the middle, planning for your retirement is a straightforward task. 

Get guidance

Begin with a conversation with a Hostplus financial planner. They can guide you in setting realistic goals, making informed investment choices and smart saving moves like setting up extra contributions to boost your super.   

Putting the money puzzle together

Regardless of your age or life stage, it’s important to learn about finances and how money works. 

How much will you need?

It's up to you. But whatever your goals, Hostplus can help get you there.

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